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Panel Discussion: Changing assumptions about data centre design & emergence of GPU-aaS

05 Dec 2024
Datacloud Asia Stage
Datacloud Asia
Data centre investment is booming, as operators race to meet growing demand. At the same time, the rise of AI offers an opportunity to leapfrog Western data centre infrastructure by introducing state-of-the-art high density racks and immersion cooling in new-build facilities. In an effort to enable advanced computing and AI demand, some operators are moving to deploy GPU-aaS (on-demand cloud access to AI chips) in their data centres. Panellists will discuss how to assure energy consumption through savvy site selection, the criticality of edge infrastructure and sustainability by design and how companies can leverage vendor relationships to their advantage.
Preet Gona, Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific - STACK INFRASTRUCTURE
Sridhar Pinnapureddy, Chief Executive Officer - CtrlS Datacenters
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