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Panel Discussion: Power & data centres- Navigating the regional climate

04 Dec 2024
Datacloud Asia Stage
Datacloud Asia

Balancing data centre growth and finding reliable power sources is not a new issue in Asia. The previous memorandum in Singapore has long been cited as a flagship policy on a global level that points to the difficulties of balancing the need to build with the need to secure appropriate energy to run effectively. However, as we are also seeing across the globe, power constraints are coming ever more to the top of mind when it comes to new developments and managing existing facilities. We turn our attentions to specific market issues in this session as we discuss:

  • How is growth in data centre demand challenging clean power targets? With a particular focus on how Japan and South Korea are balancing decarbonisation with rising demand for power
  • How are renewable providers working with data centre operators to develop new hubs?
  • How are operators working to secure power in the current climate? What are the considerations when developing a new site? How are we innovating as an industry?
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